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I'm 23, documenting my life with Crohns disease. 6years, 2 surgeries and....?

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Eye Balls!

If you have me on facebook, or twitter you will already know that I have some massive horrible painful blister on my eye ball!
I have no idea why it's there. Or how its even possible!?
But I googled it and it does happen and its quite common!
Who knew?!

I also seem to get a lot of stys in my eyes. I get through a lot of mascara cause of this as don't want to spread it and it's getting expensive!
I also seem to get scab type sore bits and little swells at the lash line that when I knock off the scab accidentally can bleed!

I've also developed a lazy left eye when I get tired! So now have glasses for when I feel a bit cross eyed at night! Haha!

All due to the dreaded PREDNISOLONE!

I'm pretty sure for the crohnies reading this that word sends fear through there whole bodies.

For those who don't know its a steroid used to kick crohns, colitis etc in the butt! (no pun intended)

I've been on it many many times and at strong doses!

I've had it intravenously 4 times now, and been on tablet form for over a year.

It turns me into an absolute MONSTER.

The girls from college will be well aware of this.

I was angry, rude, violent, hungry and on the verge of strangling anyone, and anything!

After being on it for so long. Even though I've not been on it for a year now (WOO) I'm still seeing the effects.

It's RUINED my body!

Crohns stunted my growth, I had no hips, or a waist etc. People thought I was anorexic!
Well, the pred sorted that out! It turned me into a right oinker! I've lost it all now though even though I still see myself as fat. But even when I was skinny and ill I thought that I was fat! I used to use laxatives to try and make myself thinner... and smoked instead of food. Bad I know, I learn't the hard way!

Even though the exterior Amy looks normal and healthy now. The interior is very much still broken. Just ask my bones. They're rubbish! I'm currently having physiotherapy on my knees. And my hands and thumbs get very painful!

It's good to know that there are tonnes of other crohnies out there just like me!
I'll stop now with all my brokenness cause if I continue this could be an extremely long post!

Thanks all for reading my witterings! :)

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  1. hope everything works out for you chick :) atleast you know what it is and your life can only go forward from here xx

    from chris ambler