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I'm 23, documenting my life with Crohns disease. 6years, 2 surgeries and....?

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Do you believe in guardian angels?

I know it sound's silly.
Who actually believes in things like that?
I certainly didn't!
But, then everything changed and I now do!

4 years ago, my wonderful Grandpa passed away, very suddenly.
I hadn't done my GCSE's and hadn't been diagnosed with crohns.
He was the person who taught me to paint, to be an artist!
I went on to be an art student at college and did 3 years of it before I had to leave due to the big crohns flare.

In the months after he passed. Me and my Dad typically bickered like children arguing constantly.
He's managed to produce a daughter who is as equally as stubborn as he is! Anyway, we were at my Grandmas and I picked up a new book off her book shelf about old phrases and there meanings!
I then dropped the book on the floor. Grandma hadn't even opened it yet just shoved it onto the shelf! So yes, I dropped it and it fell open onto the page with Quarrel - a disagreement or argument. With a perfect little white feather tucked inside it. We all thought this was very odd. Kind of comforting!

After that, we then began to find feathers everywhere! In the kitchen, in bedrooms. There was no way they could have got there.

When I was at my most rebellious, My Mum had a dream that Grandpa told her I was misbehaving and doing things that I shouldn't be! Which I was! And was incredibly freaked out when she told me that! I felt like I was being watched and that I needed to be more sensible!

I can't quite remember now if it was my Mum or Dad who dreamt it but my Grandma was going in for surgery and they dreamed my Grandpa said "she's forgotten her slippers" and she had. She had forgotten them.

I was struggling at college with a load of work. I came in after a crohns flare up having been off to find a beautifully white feather in my pencil case.. which had been in my locker. No one had a key but me. And I had it with me all the time! I asked people if they put it there to wind me up but no one had a clue!

Leading up to my surgery I found feathers everywhere too. All of them perfect, and white.

Last weekend me and my Dad went to my Grandma's to check on her pond as she was visiting my Auntie. And there were feathers literally ALL over the garden. All around the pond. Now, anyone who knew my grandpa knew he loved his garden, and his pond! The pond was blocked up at the filter with only a little water left in it! It was like he was telling us MY POND, MY POND!

And the most comforting yet. When I went to see the surgeon on Tuesday. As I was walking in, I looked up. And saw a white feather floating down above my head! Mum caught it for me and I kept it in my bag! It's now in my room in a little box.

It's like he's watching over us, making sure we are all okay. Leaving little feathers to show he's still around!

Once is nice, twice is coincidence and more than ten times... well.. you tell me!


  1. My gran died of bowel cancer about 2 and a half years ago now, and since she's been gone we always find little perfect white feathers in the weirdest of places! My mum and dad have both claimed to see her, but I've always said that would creep me out so I'd rather people left me alone! One night I had a dream that I was in my living room, and in the doorway to the kitchen I saw my gran standing there. No one else was able to see her and I got to give her a huge hug and she told me how proud she was of me. Well when I mentioned it to my mum a few days later, she said that when she's in the kitchen she always gets the feeling that someone is standing in the doorway watching her! Quite a coincidence. I definitely believe in guardian angels/spirits and it's really quite comforting to know that someone you loved so much hasn't really gone too far away :)

    this is Kayleigh Clemson by the way!

  2. I like this story - pretty amazing! What about your paintings, do you have any online? I started painting recently and it has been a great way to deal with my Crohn's and express a lot the emotions I have experienced during this lifelong journey (I was diagnosed at 5 but had it since birth). Anyway, I'd love to see some of your work if you feel like sharing. - Daniel L. (CDSN/Facebook friend)