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Summer 2008- Colonoscopy

I began attending the out patient clinic to see the Professor and had weekly blood tests to check for inflammatory markers to check the medicine was working and not making my immune system too weak. He sent me for a colonoscopy to have a proper look at the Crohns. Needless to say I was terrified of that.

The days leading up to the colonoscopy I began reducing my diet and the day before the scope, took prescribed strong laxatives (Movi-Prep and Picolax) to pre pair the bowel for the scope, which was disgusting, every glass was hard to keep down as it was so vile. Several hours later I had drunk the prep and just had to wait it out.

The next day I was so nervous and scared, my consultant was the person going to do the scope so I felt slightly at ease that it wasn't just a Doctor I'd never met. They put in an IV and administered a sedative. In that colonoscopy they discovered Crohns at the terminal ileum and a small section of Crohns and colitis in the lower part of the colon. He prescribed Pentasa to help the colitis. In that afternoon after the scope I had an appointment with surgeon. Who talked through surgery with us, but we all came to the decision that surgery wasn't needed at this point and to try all medication first, Surgery was a last resort only.

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