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My last post was along while ago, I always wondered why there was never any positive stories online about Crohns and Colitis....Turns out its cause they were out there trying to make the best of it.

That's what I've been doing.

Or trying to do.

I've had a few hiccups, some trips to a&e, and changes in medication.

Facebook friends have seen my rambling status' and probably wondered what on earth could be wrong with me now?

I won't even get started on those so called 'friends' I once thought cared. Second chances aren't worth the hassle!

2013 has been quite the year!

So, here I am now.. wide awake at 1am having survived all day off 3 hours sleep last night, suffering extreme nausea and tiredness like I've never felt before.

I've just started a drug called 6MP (Mercaptopurine)

This is a chemotherapy drug used to treat acute leukemia, but its also beneficial for the treatment and remission prolonging in Crohns and Colitis.

It's similar to Azathioprine which I've been on since diagnosis.

Starting this 6mp has made me feel like rubbish. I'm achey, sore, exhausted. Feeling sick. And it's only been a week.

1 more week and I start the fortnightly blood tests to check for bone marrow toxicity, inflammation and general blood levels etc. I'm not going to go into detail on it, if you wish to know more then feel free to google it!

I'll leave it here for now, I will post more. But this will do for now, bit rusty at this blogging stuff now!

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