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Surgical Appointment, Reversal.

So, I'm getting ready to go see my surgeon. I'm starting this now as I doubt I'll be able to do much but write what has been said in the appointment.
Private medical is honestly the best thing EVER. After spending nearly a week on the surgical ward in Feb. Having an op and staying there is a big fat, ahhhh hell no!
I'm kinda looking forward to seeing all my nurses again in September! They're so lovely over there!
And also with a private appointment today, I can take as long as I want to have all my questions answering. Instead of the NHS appointment where there is 20 other people waiting outside each given 10minutes to get out what they want to say!
So anyway, I have my dress out ready, my A4 page of questions written. So hold tight! Cause there is one hell of a ramble on it's way!

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