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Crohns, Bruce and I

So, It's about time I got around to posting since I posted my 'story'. I figured that having a blog would help me cope with all this. Cause believe it or not, it sucks!
It's coming up too Easter, which I dread annually as I associate it with being hospitalised with crohns!
Easter 2008 I was diagnosed. Easter 2009 I was in a HUGE flare and on steroids. Easter 2010 hospitalised leading to surgery! And fingers crossed Easter 2011 will be happy and at home, even though I have tonsillitis at the moment and on antibiotics hopefully thats all that will happen haha.
I find antibiotics hard, as without them I'm obviously ill, and on them I'm ill as it flares my stomach and makes my ileostomy angry! Which makes me angry. I'm being a bit lazy with my doses as I'm so sick of taking tablets! ARUGH. Just don't tell my parents, they won't like that. ;)

So, as I've mentioned I have an ileostomy. I think I've introduced him before, but if not, his names Bruce and he's nearly 1! Woo! My stoma nurse told me to name him, so I was able to accept him, and boy have I accepted him. I don't want him to go! But he's a loop, which means he's double sided, one half is connected to my mouth (not literally) and the other is connected to my remaining colon.
As I still have some colon, its not being used, so it's kinda just sitting there getting bored which gives me real bad pain. And can actually turn into diversion colitis which I'm already starting to get as I have colitis in there too! I'm well healthy! Haha. So, reversal is the only option.

A reversal basically puts the stoma back inside me and closes it up again to look like a normal bit of intestine ( I would say bowel but I don't like that word). Sounds easy right? Bet your wondering why on earth I'd wanna live with a bag on my belly. But it's complicated and unpredictable. It could leak at the stitches, poisoning me. It could get infected at the wound. And the major one for me, bowel (UGH) control. Because the colons not been used for over a year, it's like a baby in that I have to teach it what to do again. It's a bit rebellious as it is so I'm not looking forward to it at all. Where as a bag, its reliable and convenient.

Not to mention the fact that when I say I'm scared about it going wrong no one seems to listen to me! I understand that I need it doing but it's ANOTHER operation and my 3rd general anaesthetic in a year. Which just make me feel rubbish!

Anyway I'm on the verge of getting grumpy now I'm talking reversal so moving on...

Other than being ill I'm not too bad at the moment, depression and anxiety are under control to some extent. Had my wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago, so thats a bit annoying still.

I'm being referred to a dermatologist as the skin around my stoma is a right state and I've tried just about every product out there to treat it so it's now time to bring in the people who know what they're doing. It's itching now, talking about it. Thats like when you read the word yawn it makes you yawn... yawn..yawn....YAWN.. haha.

But yeah, I'm rambling now so I'm gonna go.
blogging off :)

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