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I'm 23, documenting my life with Crohns disease. 6years, 2 surgeries and....?

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Late May 2010- A&E, Hospital, IV steroids

I saw my consultant again, he referred me for an MRI scan, which required me to drink Movi-Prep again, I only managed a glass as it made me feel so sick, and then had some drugs injected via IV, a dye and another one which I believe help keep the bowel still while being scanned. The MRI results only showed only 'mildly' active Crohns/colitis, and my bloods were relatively normal showing only a few inflammatory markers.

I then ended up being told to come into hospital again for a course of IV steroids. Though there were no beds up on the ward, we were told it would be easier to get a bed if we went through A&E and they would send us up. I was then given an IV and sent for an X-ray. The A&E doctors said that there was nothing wrong with me and that it was impossible for me to be in pain and feeling ill when I was on all the medication I was on, plus steroids. They then insisted on sending me home. But I refused and said the ward was expecting me. They reluctantly sent me to the observation ward to wait for a bed. I spent the night there being sent up to the ward the next day where I started a course of IV steroids.

My consultant was on holiday, so one of his colleagues came to see me on day 4 of that hospital stay, where I said that nothing seemed to help, and he went off the get some of the other doctors and came back with Dr Loft, who came to see me on my hospital visit at Easter with some students. Dr Loft then talked through all my medication and that it sounded like my bowel had turned into scar tissue, therefore was pretty much untreatable by medication and surgery was then mentioned. I was then able to go home and wait for an appointment to see consultant, as soon as he was back at work.

At my follow up appointment the next week with Prof, I told him all that happened over the last few weeks, and he said.. "Lets make you better." He then referred me to see the surgeon again, having seen him 2 years previously.

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